Who are we?

The Haitian Foundation for Sustainable Agricultural Development (FONHDAD) is a unique model in the history of Haiti’s agricultural development. It is an autonomous association and a non-profit organization that brings together universities, private business owners and the non-profit sector. This synergy of institutions involved in the agricultural sector gives a boost and / or renews the hope of the modernization of the Haitian Agriculture, crystallized by traditional practices in terms of operational units of production.

Our mission

The Foundation’s mission is to modernize Haiti’s agriculture through the introduction of new techniques, fertilizers, improved seeds and equipment to improve the performance of the agriculture to allow Haitian agriculture to achieve better yields and better ways to commercialize its products.

It also aims to:

  • Disclose the environmental protection rules and to educate rural populations to manage their natural resources in a sustainable manner and in compliance with the law;
  • Mentor Haitian peasants to become real farmers by practicing modern agriculture that respects the environment;
  • Promote applied research and the development of proximity laboratories, that may assist stakeholders in the field of agricultural development, environmental protection and good management of natural resources;
  • Regroup specialized agencies that are interested in training and in applied research;
  • Collaborate with relevant public institutions, to promote the training program, the mentoring and the research in the field of agriculture and environmental protection;
  • Supervise the actors of production and processing of agricultural products and other related fields;
  • Establish documentation and information services, responsible for maintaining and disseminating written, audiovisual and photographic documents on the work of popularization and research in the areas of intervention of the FONHDAD.