The Rural Sustainable Development Centre (CRDD) of Bas Boën was opened in 2011, it is a research center, a demonstration center, a training center and a popularization center aimed to modernize Haitian agriculture by introducing improved techniques, improved varieties and by improving the equipment.

Located in the locality of Bas Boën, Latremblay 17, Route de Malpasse, Ganthier, the CRDD of Bas Boën covers 5.5 hectares of land belonging to the domain of the MARNDR.

Mission, Staff, Body steering of the CRDD

The mission of the CRDD

The mission of the CRDD is as follows:

  • On-farm demonstration ;
  • Training and applied research made to modernize Haitian agriculture
  • Introduction of techniques, improved varieties and innovative equipment

Staff of the CRDD

  • Kénel Cadet, Executive Director
  • Freud Lucas, Research Manager
  • Pascale L. Toyo, Training Manager
  • Sméralda Charles, Administrative Assistant
  • Rosebertilde Estimé, Production Manager of the agricultural greenhouses
  • Victorine Jacques, Accountant

The body steering of the CRDD

A Steering Committee, independent to the “administrator”, created by the Ministry of Agriculture, of the Natural Resources and of Rural Development is responsible for managing and monitoring the work of the foundation as part of the management of the CRDD of Bas Boën.

  • Guy Lafontant Joseph, Chief executive at MARNDR
  • Arnoux Severin, Departmental Director of Western Agriculture (DDAO)
  • Max Augustin, Director of the Department of Innovation/MARNDR
  • Representatives of the local authority
  • Representatives of farmers’ associations