Christelle C. Paul, President

Engaged in the business for over 14 years, Christelle C. Paul holds the presidency of the FONHDAD. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Science and Consular. She has worked in the banking sector and the business sector as a project manager. She currently manages the administration of the Société Nationale Agricole S.A. alongside her husband Antoine Jean-Claude Paul, the company’s CEO.


Dr Gaël Pressoir, Vice-President

Gaël Pressoir is a geneticist and a breeder; he obtained his PhD in Agricultural Sciences at the National Superior School of Agronomy of Montpellier (SupAgro today) in 2003. He directs the sweet sorghum and the edible Jatropha programs at the CHIBAS since 2008. He also worked on the genetic corn for nearly 10 years; first at the International Center for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat, CIMMYT in Mexico and then at the Cornell University in the USA.

Gaël Pressoir is also the Vice Dean of Research in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and of the Environment of Quisqueya University.


Ophny N. Carvil, MSc, Secretary

Ophny Nicolas Carvil, is an Agricultural Engineer (State University of Haiti) and holds a DEA in Plant Pathology from the Institut National Agronomique of Paris (INA-PG, France) and a master’s degree from the University of Missouri (University of Missouri , USA), where he worked as a Research Associate for one year from December 1994 to November 1995. Since November 2004 he has held the position of Vice-Dean at the Research at the Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine of the State University of Haiti (FAMV / UEH) where he teaches Plant Pathology. In addition, he is the Head of the Laboratory for Research and Diagnostics of Plant Pathologies and Chief Editor of the scientific journal, the FAMV (RED).

Mr. Carvil is the Secretary of the Board of the FONHDAD.


Isblet Jérôme, Treasurer

Former Mayor of Ganthier, he is very involved in the development of its commune. Jerome Isblet represents the cooperative of the Champions Peasants of the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac (COPACPLA) within the Foundation where he serves as treasurer. He is also the president of the Association of Youth in Action for the Development of Ganthier (JADEG).

Bris Jean Berno

Bris Jean Berno, Advisor

Farmer, president of the Association OPDMO (needs to be defined) and Secretary General of the FEDEPAT, which is an organization represented in the FONHDAD. Bris is a great visionary at the Merceron community located in the town of Thomazeau. He is deeply involved in the development of the Haitian countryside. He is a man with creative spirit and a true leader committed in improving the living conditions of his community. He is the advisor of the FONHDAD.