Training Program

Our training program aims to strengthen the technicality of farmers and of the executives that come from the agricultural sector. It is a process in which there is a sharing and a creation of knowledge. It is composed of a training popularization for farmers and / or of an association of producers and of a training sector for executives.

Our farmers also benefit from a close technical supervision carried out by young agronomists, trainees, farmers and popularization workers. Our popularization system is rich and consists of the establishment of demonstration plots by sending mass-marketing techniques messages via SMS, by showing films on modern production techniques and by the using of audio-visual materials (posters, video, data sheet, etc.).

« Jaden lekòl » Program

The « Jaden lekòl  » program is an initiative of the Haitian Foundation for Sustainable Agricultural Development (FONHDAD) that manages the Rural Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Development (CRDD) of Bas Boën. The objective of this program is to:

  • Guide and educate students of the agronomic and environmental science in secondary classes
  • Connect youth of the metropolitan area with the rural world
  • To help students understand how the agriculture world works
  • Educate students about sustainable agriculture practices
  • Create a market of fresh products
  • Educate students about the importance of ecology and sustainable agricultural development

Organizational strengthening and supporting the community

We work with 124 producer associations involving 38,000 producers which 7 of them are carriers of agricultural fertilizer shops, 4 of them own tractors and are a part in a marketing cooperative of agricultural products. The BIA is the points of distribution of improved seeds and other quality fertilizers for rural communities Plaine du Cul-de-Sac. Training sessions on the administrative and financial management were already given to these associations so that they can function as real agricultural holdings.

Research and vulgarization

The goal of our research and demonstration program is to develop technical packages adapted to local production conditions, including the objectives and constraints of producers, enabling the increased of the productivity (soil, labor and fertilizers) and of the profitability of the crop. This program aims to:

  • Demonstrate the improved crop management
  • Introduce new improved varieties
  • Introduce new breeds
  • Introduce new equipment and new technologies
  • Train farmers on new techniques and sharing knowledge
  • Learn certain environmental phenomena such as climate change and degradation of watersheds
  • Study the socio-economic conditions of agricultural holdings in the area of intervention
  • Study the environment of production of the farmers to propose appropriate solutions through a participatory approach


Innovation is the heart of the mission of CRDD of Bas Boën. It is present in all key stages of the production chain. It affects soil analysis, new production techniques, new animal breeds, production of new varieties, new ways to present and market agricultural products, new practices and new forms of reasoning.

Innovations introduced

  • Introduction of threshers that can harvest rice, maize and sorghum
  • Drip irrigation in greenhouses and in open fields which was put in place in small and medium-sized farms
  • Introduction of threshers that can harvest rice, maize and sorghum

Target areas

  • Corridor Cul-de-Sac
  • Corridor des Matheux

Strengthening the Agricultural Production

Strengthening the capacity of rural women

The FONHDAD encourages the participation of women in the implementation of its activities. Indeed, 30% of the certified farmers are women. Specialized training modules and socio-economic incentives are developed for women to promote their integration into the rural economy.

Strengthening of the seed sector