Project overview

The REFERANS is a community-focused project that supports the livelihoods of farmers living in Croix-des- Bouquets and Ganthier communes. The project promotes agriculture by allowing a greater number of farmers to access quality inputs and techniques to achieve higher returns.

The production of crops like beans, sorghum and maize are among the important agricultural activities undertaken in these two communes. Past USAID funded project has greatly improved the farmers working conditions and helped them better sell their products. However, the absence of infrastructures for grains processing, the lack of agricultural input stores, the low adoption of agricultural technical methods for the production of grains and the lack of maintenance and cleaning of irrigation canals remain important issues to be solved in these areas to mitigate the negative impact on farmers’ revenue.

Areas of intervention

The commune of Croix-des-Bouquets is located about 13 km from Port-au-Prince and Ganthier about 27 kilometers, in the Cul-de-Sac watershed in the West Department of Haiti.  The population of Croix-des-Bouquets is estimated to be 227,000 habitants (51% are women), Ganthier 57,000 (49%). Out of the total population above 63% lives in rural areas.


Social impact

This project is devoted to assisting agro-businesses and producers associations while fostering women’s integration and the inclusion of handicapped individuals. Considering their frequent discrimination in terms of income, education and professional career REFERANS priority is to strengthen Haitian women’s position in farming and count them as equal beneficiaries. Through its activities the project will provide opportunities for women empowerment and personal development through participation and personal involvement.



  • Sept 2015-Oct 2017

Activity Goals:

  • Increase agricultural productivity
  • Improve an access to motorized agricultural equipment
  • Improve grain processing

Activity Accomplishments:

  • Two grains processing centers at Pierroux and Bois Leger (15,000 TM of grains/year)
  • Training and deployment of Masters farmers to provide technical assistance to other farmers (Total 4,700 farmers)
  • Creation and strengthening of agricultural supplies stores (1 boutique installed, 45 people trained in business management)
  • Maintenance of irrigation canals (10 m3)

Implementing Partner:

Key Partners:

  • USAID, DDAO/MARNDR, Chanje Lavi Plantè, Asosyasyon Chanpyon

Activity Locations:

  • Croix-des-Bouquets and Ganthier


Latremblay 17, Route de Malpasse, Ganthier